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Each summer school had certain profile, associated with the project, or current trends in science. The unique form of the summer school consisted on the following organizational pattern: arrival day, five days for training, involving half-a-day time for excursions in mid-term, and departure day.
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prof. Muriel Hissler

With Prof. Marek Pietraszkiewicz, we organized the 9th International Krutyn Summer School - "Frontiers in Advanced Organic Materials for Next Generation Electronics". We have invited worldwid... read more »


prof. Andriei Khlobystov

Xth IKSS on “Frontiers of Science & Technology of Carbon Nano-Materials” was held in Krutyn from 19 June to 25 June 2012. All major topics of this research area were represent... read more »


Peter Visser [Philips Lighting B.V.]

Subject: Letter of Appreciation
To whom it may concern within MAESTRO:
I, Peter Visser, hereby strongly recommend the work and effectiveness of Prof. Marek Pietraszkiewicz in organiz... read more »